Star Wars Song

Center Divide

Back in '77
I was in heaven
Lucas made a movie that change my life,
I was 5 years old when the world came clear to me
Vader wore black, Luke wore white
And I knew the Force would make things alright.
Common wisdom would say I've grown,
but I still dream of a world
with Luke, Leia and Han...
Got to admit it'd be nice
to have a friend like Chewbacca
With the strength of 16 men always loyal to you
And if you're having a bad day,
If you happen to be frozen in carbonite
Chewie'd come down and you'd hear him roar
And you'd know that everything is alright

And you could be such a pro
to backback Europe with 3-P-O
Ordering a meal in Budapest would be no prob.
Think of what you could do
if the Jawas came to you and sold R-2
He could fix your mower, be your Triple A
babysit your kids, make you laugh all day
Common wisdom would say I've grown
Tell me I'm not crazy
to dream of a Luke, Leia and Han...

I think it'd be cool if Yoda taught in college
Professor of Religion - extraordinaire,
900 years of living could surely teach my twenty one
And I must admit I often get lost in this world...
And wouldn't in be nice
if your Grandpa was Obi wan,
I bet he could use a couple of Mind Tricks to get you into bars,
I could use a mentor as wise as he,
it'd also be nice
to know I could get advice even after he's gone,

Most of all I wish I knew my enemies,
I wish it was easy to see
as Jabba the Hutt
But this old world is no longer so clear to me
when Vader wore black and Luke wore white
and everything was good and I was five,
All these years ago
Tell me I'm not crazy to dream of Luke, Leia and Han....