A Heart Full of Love

from "Les Miserables"

Marius goes into the garden, leaving Eponine outside the gate.

A heart full of love
A heart full of song
I'm doing everything all wrong
Oh God, for shame
I do not even know your name
Dear Mad'moiselle
Won't you say?
Will you tell?

A heart full of love
No fear, no regret
Marius: My name is Marius Pontmercy
Cosette: And mine's Cosette
Marius: Cosette, I don't know what to say
Cosette: Then make no sound
Marius: I am lost
Cosette: I am found!

Marius: A heart full of light
Cosette: A night bright as day
Marius: And you must never go away
Cosette, Cosette
Cosette: This is a chain we'll never break
Marius: Do I dream?
Cosette: I'm awake!

Marius: A heart full of love
Cosette: A heart full of you
Marius: A single look and then I knew
Cosette: I knew it too
Marius: From today
Cosette: Every day
Cosette & Marius
For it isn't a dream
Not a dream after all.
Eponine: (Interjecting)
He was never mine to lose
Why regret what cannot be?
These are words he'll never say
Not to me...
Not to me...
Not to me...

His heart full of love
He will never feel this way...

Marius and Cosette move away as Montparnasse enters furtively